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Raise 3D is one of those companies that people are still shocked came from Kickstarter. Because Raise 3D has been incredibly professional and successful company is a short amount of time, even for this young industry. They have claimed a space in the market and are now really moving into the top ranks with this next step. Raise 3D announced their new pro line of printers., the pro2 and the pro2 plus

The Raise 3D Platform..

..has been proven for several years so the Pro2 and Pro2 plus printers are clearly focusing on improving and adding features, let’s take a look at those.

Dual Material Printing

Dual material printing; one of the standout features for the N2 returns in the Pro2, with a 300°c So almost every material on the market is on the table adding to the almost 0 compromises of this machine. The Pro2 keeps the huge 305*305*300 for single extrusion and 280*305*300 for dual extrusion. Pairing this with the minimum later resolution of 0.01mm you will be able to print both extremely detailed or enormous prints on the same machine.  Or huge extremely detailed parts if you had the patience of a saint. Another great feature carrying over from the N2 is the touch screen a 7-inch touch screen that makes it really easy to navigate through models change settings. The screen gives Raise some of the best UI in the entire market because they have so much space to work with.

Completely New Features

Now onto the completely new features to the Pro2and Pro2+ The dual extruders now have filament runout sensors so you will no longer have run out of filament and lose you’re 100+ hour print because you run out of filament. This is a great addition because with such a large build volume your going to be printing big jobs you’re going to use the majority of filament rolls, leaving you with many almost empty rolls that are almost useless. So having a filament runout sensor you can run those almost empty spools into your printer and it will stop the print when they run out. Also in what i can see is an effort to get the Pro2 into more classrooms and offices, in addition to workshops and maker spaces. The Pro2 now comes with a HEPA filter which they claim to absorb 91% of the particles, keeping Fumes and smells out of your workspace.

Raise 3D Next Generation Micro Controller

Finally, they have added a next-generation microcontroller to power all of these new features, as well as improving print quality with a 256 micro-step driver system standalone motor drivers and a 32 bit Arm Cortex M7 processor. All of this additional make what is already a great platform even better so we at 3d printer chat can’t wait to see how these printers are reviewed by the wider community. All of these features are carried over to the Pro2 PLus model but with the addition of even larger build volume for all you mad scientists out there. Don’t worry we are only slightly afraid of all the fun you will have with all the printing power and space packed into this machine. Raise3d is a really exciting company and we will be keeping an eye on everything they do next.